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  • 262016.10

    Construction and Application of MESSAGE Model Review
  • 282017.11

    CEMF Technical Workshop - Bonn Climate Conference and Future Trends in Climate Change Management Review
  • 252017.10

    China Energy Model Forum No.6 Technology workshop Review
  • 112017.10

    China Energy Model Forum No. 5 Technology workshop Review
  • 292017.08

    workshop on "China 2050 Low-carbon Socio-Economic Development Scenarios and Modeling Methodologies" Review
  • Paris Commitments and the 13th Five-Year Plan Targets

  • Topology of Energy Models: A Comparative Study

  • Energy Modle Comparison

CEMF training courses 2015.5 ~ 2015.10

China Energy Modeling Forum (CEMF) aims to improve the modeling capacity and the level of aided decision-making level of China’s domestic modeling teams with interactions of modeling teams at home and abroad. Currently, a number of domestic universities, institutes and policy-making bodies have participated in CEMF. In order to strengthen the ...

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China Energy Modeling Forum was jointly founded by Center for Industrial Development and Environmental Governance (CIDEG) and Environmental Defense Foundation (EDF) in 2015, which serves as an interactive platform for domestic and international modeling teams in the field of energy, economy, environment and human health policy.